Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still here

Hello everyone

I know what your thinking, that how dare I show up here after not posting for so long.  How dare I come here and put some thoughts down on my own blog which i haven't updated since the mid 1970's (a good 7-9 years before I was even born).  But the truth is, I missed everyone.  And for my continued absence, I am sorry.

So from this day forward, I promise to post on a more regular basis, like in the beginning.  I'll go to counseling and I promise to be more involved in this relationship.  You don't have to go and find another blog.  I'm back and I'm not going anywhere.  (Plus it helps that we finally got the internet installed in my lake house where I spend most weekends.)

But I might as well bring you up to speed to how my summer has gone so far:

As I mentioned before, my entire office up and moved.  It was quite an undertaking, but we have finally all settled in.  But I have been bored out of my mind since the actual move, because the person I was assisting moved to a new department and they didn't replace her right away.  So I have been spending a lot of my time wandering around the new space a la Bill Lumberg, chatting up the co-workers and trying to look more important than I actually am.

But other than work I haven't been doing too much.  I see my friends sometimes, hang out with my mom, go to an occasional party.  The normal kind of stuff people do in the summer.

Summer is almost over though.  School supplies are on store shelves, school buses are doing there practice routes, and I started to get e-mails about Halloween costumes.

So here's to hoping the fall is as spectacular as the changing colors of the leaves (little to Hallmark-ish?  Yeah, I thought so.)

The Office Scribe

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David said...

Well in that case, I promise to actually start reading the blog again.