Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Non-work related work related e-mails

Sometimes a Wednesday is just a Wednesday.  And sometimes a Wednesday is the day you get two of the best e-mails you have ever received...


Here's a good working in an office story for you.

This morning we see fire trucks come into the parking lot. We figure
that there's going to be a fire drill later in the morning.

I go into a meeting and come back to my desk, and everyone is all
atwitter. I ask what's going on, and the guys tell me that when they
went outside to have a cigarette, they heard what the ambulances/fire
trucks were for - there's a dead man in a van in the parking lot.

Best part? Apparently, he's been parked there for a few days and no
one noticed.


I'll keep you updated on any further information. Since I
sent you that email, we've now got reports that the truck was parked
there for a week. A WEEK. We've also got some reporters from CLTV
(lucky for them, they happen to share a parking lot with us) who have
just arrived.

Just now, we got an email from the CEO's secretary saying that the guy
wasn't an employee and asking us to "refrain from speculation and
rumors." Um. Too late lady, there's a FREAKING DEAD PERSON IN THE

One of my coworkers is on the phone with a girl in our British office,
and told them the story. Her response, totally deadpan, was: "today in
our office, we had a dead squirrel in the break room."

Wow.  What can you say to that?  I'll tell you what.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  All you can do is forward it to 15 of your co-workers and put it on your blog.

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That is all you can do!