Friday, August 29, 2008

Half Staff Days

As a goodwill gesture my company decided that they would have several “half staff days” which allows for people to basically make a 4 day weekend. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Well, this being the Friday before Labor Day this was one of the Half Staff Days. So by working today, I get the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off. Okay so far.

But what really sucks? That would be me, sitting here in my cubicle, feeling lonely because I HAVE TO WORK UNTIL 6 THIS EVENING!!! Every forth Friday I have to work late and it falls on the day when no one is calling in with new business and there is no one here to even pass the minutes with. Most people left at 4:30. But no, I am stuck here for another hour (it’s around 5 PM). And I have no idea what to do with myself.

I have visited all my usual websites, debated McCain’s VP pick with those still here, ate and ice cream cone and did work that isn’t due until next week.

So in preparation for the next Half Staff Day, I ask, what is a good way to waste time at work? You have until January 2 to come up with an answer because that is the next day I work when ½ the company doesn’t.

Send suggestions to:

I’ll publish the ones I like the most here.

So until then, I think I’ll wander around and reenact scenes from Office Space.

The Office Scribe

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David said...

No answers for you, but I did have the day off today. So to go with my four-day week this week, I have a four-day weekend, then another four-day week, then another 4-day week. So yeah, good times.