Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear Office Scribe #1

I always love when people who read this blog decide to take a few minutes out of their crazy day and shoot me an e-mail. It’s a practice I encourage for two reasons:
A) It provides we with a better understanding of who my audience is


B) By checking the e-mail (and responding) it provides me with computer work that makes me look busier than I actually am.

So I was super stoked to check my Office Scribe e-mail this morning and find the following note from loyal reader Black Coffee Drinker:

How do you like it when someone else in your office skates by for about a year doing the bare minimum of work required to keep his job, falls asleep at his desk a number of times, and then BAM something hits him and all of the sudden he's working harder than you've ever seen. Now he's the golden boy, his ego's getting all pumped up, and he starts taking credit for a huge deal you've been working on for the last several days! Know anyone like that?

Of course I know someone like that. I do work in an office. But the thing is, I am kind of a golden child myself around the ole cubicle and I think maybe a little intimidating. Co-workers know better than to try and pass off one of my ideas/work as their own.

I would end them.

But I am also all about the honesty. Tell this good-for-nothing slacker that you don’t appreciate him trying to claim your work as his own. And if he keeps it up you won’t tell your boss. You’ll tell everyone in the office about his scorching case of genital herpes and addiction to midget porn. Nothing takes a knocks a guy down like making him the office pariah.

Hope that helps! And keep the e-mails coming!

The Office Scribe

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