Saturday, November 5, 2011

And The Fifth Horseman Is Cold Season

Yes ladies and gents, it's that fabulous type of year otherwise known and Cold & Flu season.  It's seems like just as the mercury starts to drop and we turn our clocks back* I get a nice cold.  I totally blame it on my coworkers, especially those with kids, as I am sure that it is in schools that all modern day plagues start.  Starting last Monday (which yes, was Halloween) I began feeling what my father would have called "punky" - itchy eyes, slight cough, moderate fever, etc.

So I did what any dedicated employee would do - I dosed myself with NyQuil, went to sleep early, and was prepared to feel better come Tuesday morning.

But when my alarm went off at 7:00 a.m. I rolled over, looked at the clock and thought "Can I do it? Can I drag myself out of bed and make it work work?"  I dwelled on it for about 30 seconds and then did the unthinkable and called in sick to work.

November 1, 2011 was my first full sick day of the day (I did take half a day in the Spring, but that doesn't count).  I mean, I guess that is why were are all given sick days.  I did it because yes, I felt like crap, but because I also didn't want to infect any of my coworkers.  Now you may be thinking "Wow, that is so nice, taking your coworkers health into consideration."  But truthfully, I did it to keep them at work so I don't have to cover for them.

Anywho, it's now Saturday and I am about 95% better, except for the cough that won't go away.  But that's why the medicine gods gave us Robitussin and Luden's throat drops.

~ The Office Scribe

*Um, speaking of changing the clocks, why does this always happen on the weekends?  Sure, when I used to go to church it was worth a chuckle or two to see everyone who forgot and would show up for mass early/late, but I think it would be much funnier if it happened on a random Wednesday and all us cubicle monkey's had to remember so we wouldn't be late for work.  Who do I write to in order to get this changed?

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