Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ma'am - I Am Sorry I Can't Help You

Once a week I work the front desk towards the end of the day.  It's not a bad gig - the phones are pretty quiet, I can still get my stuff done, and it provides a nice change of scenery.

But Monday night, I took the following phone call*:

Me: Thank you for calling *Company Name Redacted*.  How may I direct your call?

Caller: I lost my Platinum card and I need you to cancel the card immediately.  IMMEDIATELY.

Me: Ma'am - you called *Company Name Redacted* not a credit card company.

Caller: Connect me to someone who can cancel my card IMMEDIATELY!

Me: Ma'am, like I said, you called *Company Name Redacted*.  I don't have the power to cancel your credit card.

Caller:  Why not?

Me: Ma'am, we are not your credit card company.  This is *Company Name Redacted*, we don't have anything to do with credit cards.

Caller: Then transfer me to someone who can help.

Me: Ma'am, there is no one here who can help you.

Caller: And why not?

Me: No one here can cancel your card.

Caller: So what should I do?

Me: Call your credit card company?

Caller:  Okay, connect me to them.

Me:  I can't connect you to another company.

Caller: Then what should I do?

Me: Call your credit card company?

Caller:  What's the number?

Me: Ma'am - I don't have that information.


Caller: You should be ashamed of yourself for not being able to cancel my credit card.


Wow - I always thought calls like this were made up to amuse people on the internet.  I guess I was wrong.  Oh so very wrong.

~ The Office Scribe

* Conversation may not have been this word for word, but since I don't take down everything everyone says to me, I sometimes have to paraphrase.  


Kev D. said...

Sorry if I disturbed you, but I was just trying to get my credit card cancelled...

Nine Mile said...

You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

Ed said...

Since she was not your customer, you should have said (right out of the gate), "Sorry, wrong number." and they hung up.

But then you wouldn't have had this to post.

The Office Scribe said...

Ed, I guess I could have done that, but we are one of those companies that randomly records phone calls. The way my luck goes, this would have been recorded and I would have lost my job and then would be forced to move in with you.

bluzdude said...

What amazes me is that a person who is that dim is even allowed to HAVE a credit card. They probably just found out that the card isn't, in fact, free money, and they have to actually pay for the stuff they charged. Probably why they cancelled.

Office desking said...

Hi! just chiming in to say i love your site and was wondering if something has happened to you or the site has moved or something,
Thanks for sharing..

Dee said...

That is just too funny... I really needed a good laugh, too.