Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday #58

In a complete act of rebellious brought on by people who leave half an inch of coffee in the pot on days when I start late, I poured the dregs of the double strength stuff in the regular pot and thinned it with a little hot water.  Then I made myself a fresh pot.  

No, I will not open my Passive Aggressive Notes 2012 calendar for two reasons: (1) It's August of 2011 and (2) because you keep asking.

I had a teacher in junior high who was obsessed with highlighters.  And it's him that I blame for not having one or two colors of highlighters at my desk now, but six.  

I will never admit that I don't have the answer.  I'll just make one up that sounds so convincing that you'll believe me.

As far as I can tell from reading the employee handbook, there are no dress code restrictions about wearing sunglasses at your desk.

You won't be laughing when the ninjas attack and because I always have to face the door in meetings I am the only one who survives because I dove under the table before the kung fu fighting began.

Beyonce's unborn child hijacked all the water-cooler chat today.  And from the sound of it, all reporting on E!, Access Hollywood, Twitter and the VMA's themselves.

~ The Office Scribe


Anonymous said...

........about wearing sunglasses at your desk.
hmmmmmm, now that's ubercool

Leonora Jernigan Harrison said...

I hate when people leave an inch of coffee in the pot, then when I get to work, it's turned into sludge. Lazy coworkers. Anyhow..I enjoy your blogs!