Monday, August 22, 2011

Manic Monday #57

It's official - I am obsessed with closing partially opened file cabinets.  To the point that I will go out of my way to close them in other departments.  Is this a clinical condition?

My pens are all dying at work.  Sure, I could put in an order for some new ones from the mail room, but I am such a pen snob that I can't use them.  I have to have fancy ones.  A trip to Office Depot may be in order after work tomorrow.

A four hours old-watered down Starbucks latte is still better than the freshly brewed decaf stuff at work.

Ahhhh!  Coworkers!  Stop talking about True Blood!  I was at my mom's last night and she doesn't haven HBO. (So I am watching it On Demand as I type this right now.)

The candy dish at my desk has only had about 6 jawbreakers in it for the past 4 weeks.  When is Halloween?  I need people to drop off candy that they don't want around their house because they are afraid they'll eat it for the candy dish so they can eat it at work.

~ The Office Scribe


Ed said...

I am with you on the pen thing.

All we can get at work are the government issue ball-point Bics, whereas I'm more of a gel pen person myself.

Chris said...

Me too. I'm a pen person-I like nothing better than to go to Staples or Office Max and check out what they have! My favorite was a pen that lit up when you used it. The barrel had a little light in it and it was awesome. I haven't seen once since-and I lost that one.