Monday, May 16, 2011

Manic Monday #52

So I did something yesterday which aggravated an old injury and had to spend a good portion of the day standing instead of sitting at my desk.  What could I have possibly injured 6 years ago that made it impossible to sit for longer than 20 minutes at a time today?  As one of my Twitter followers pointed out - the funniest name for a part of the human body, my coccyx aka my tailbone.  Those small pieces of bone that indicate that humans at one point had tails, but Charles Darwin then decided we didn't need them anymore.  Slipped and broke it at my last job. And no, I didn't file a workman's comp claim.  Sometimes you just need to suck it up and deal with the pain in your ass.

Note to coworkers - when someone sends out an invite for an "S Factor" class you don't need to inform them that you aren't really good at singing.

I spent the weekend downtown with family and had some of the best elevator conversations in my life.  From the woman who told us we looked like we were going to have fun to the old man who winked and said he had my number, it was amazing.  And it continued at my office when I walked into the elevator right as someone from an upper floor was taking a bite of a cookie.  He apologized and said I caught him.  I replied "I am sure there are worse things I can catch people doing in an elevator."  His reply "rock on Aerosmith".  Wow.

It's when you are in pain at work when you realize how many people are packing some form of painkillers in their desk drawers.  

I am 90% sure that if I didn't remember to water my coworkers plant it would die.  I guess it's my own damn fault for giving a male coworker a plant in the first place.

Never ask if I have a certain office product - you can always just assume I do.

How is it possible that the pollen count inside my office is higher than the air outside my office?

~ The Office Scribe

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