Monday, May 2, 2011

Manic Monday #50

Wow, this is the 50th (numbered) Manic Monday I have done.  And yes, I know I would have reached this milestone a lot faster had I posted on a more regular basis.  So sue me... I have a life.  And OnDemand cable. (That Ricky Gervais show is addictive!)

Sometimes I am too lazy to reply to people's e-mails so I'll just walk over to their desks to answer their questions.  And it always makes me giggle to see them freak out.  Like inside the sanctity of their cubicle, they completely forget about the hundred plus other people milling about the office.

A cell phone went off at work today and the ring tone sounded like bells.  One coworker remarked that an angel must have gotten its wings while I just had the song "I Hear The Bells" stuck in my head for the following hour.

Speaking of music - I was at the gym health club small room with workout equipment in my office and realized that I did better on the elliptical while listening to that Britney Spears/Ke$ha/Nicky Manij song "Until the World Ends".  If you want an addictive guilty pleasure song, download it.  If you feel like people judge you by what's on your iPod, then don't.

Using your thumb nail is a highly effective way to unpeel an orange. Unfortunately, it turns your nail orange and now I look like I have the Jersey Shore disease just on the thumb of my right hand.  Or gads, maybe it is an outbreak of OompahLooompitis (the scary Gene Wilder one - not the Johnny Depp version.)

Big props to the Splinter Cell division of the Navy SEALS for finally getting Osama Bin Laden. I found out about it the same way 87% of the rest of people between the ages of 15 and 35 did - on my Facebook wall.  Oh, and how about giving the working man a day off?  Our office in England shut down for the Royal Wedding?  You're telling me they can get time off to see powerless figureheads get hitched and we don't get some down time because we killed public enemy numero uno?

I love that the programmers at Microsoft created a feature on my Outlook calendar that is akin to a snooze button.  

People shouldn't fear zombies, aliens or robots.  The real fear should come from Canada geese.  Those little buggers are everywhere, including the parking lot of my building, the retention pond of my building, and oh, the roof of my building.  Last year I even saw one perched on top of a light post. Ye be warned.

It's been over a week since I dyed my hair and yes, while it is a tad darker than usual (think Elvira) I think it's funny that people still stop me in the halls and ask if I did something to it.  I'm getting bored telling people the box of Feria lied to me.  I'm telling the next person who asks that I spent the weekend cleaning up an oil spill with my head.  I am hella environmental like that.

~ The Office Scribe

~ Manic Monday


dadadadio said...

I was attacked by a Canadien goose for no good reason on the Boston Common many years ago. I retreated. After returning to our blanket the basterd came at me again. I stood my ground and threw the blanket over his head. Have you ever done that to a dog or cat, covered them with clothing or a towel? Let me tell you, it freaked the goose out big time. He couldn't get out, stumbled and rolled over. When I pulled my woolen WMD off the attacker he taxied down the grass runway and took flight in retreat. You are now armed with valuable intel. A good blanket is kryponite to Canadien geese.

Ed said...

I like the idea of a holiday.

"National Osama Sleeps With The Fishes" Day....or something.

Ed said...

P.S. Have I ever mentioned how much I like brunettes?


Kristin said...

I,like you, am an office supply junkie. I actually work for a company that sells office supplies, which gets me in trouble sometimes trying to explain to my husband why I NEEDED a GBC binding machine of my very own. Anyway, thought you might be interested in this product (which I am not trying to sell to you, as we do not sell to individuals, but to id range companies) because when I saw it i thought "OMG I need this for no discernible reason!"

Leah G said...

oh my gosh it drives me nutty when people walk up to my desk instead of email/im. I even IM my boss who is in reaching distance of me. it just makes me so distracted to actually focus on a real person.

Is it weird that whenever I post comments they disappear. If you delete them because you hate me I totally get it just you know let me know so I don't keep thinking something is my mind.

Fifteen Blocks Out said...

Your blog is very funny, witty and light. I like you already.

The Office Scribe said...

Leah G - I only delete comments that are in a different alphabet or are trying to sell me viagra. Both you comments popped up in my e-mail, so I can only come to one conclusion - Gremlins. I knew I shouldn't have fed Gizmo after midnight!