Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Red Light of Death

I think my phone at work is messing with me.

Each time I would leave my desk, I would come back to what I refer to as the red light of death.  Anyone who works in an office knows what I am talking about.  That little LED light in the bottom corner of your phone which alerts you to the fact that there is a message waiting.

I maybe have two messages on my phone a day, and one of those is always from my mom.

Today I took 14 messages off my phone, and only one was from my mom.

The thing is, my phone barely rang while I was sitting at my desk.  I even checked the ringer volume at one point, just to make sure it was actually working.

That damn red light is a thudding heart beneath the floorboards.

~ The Office Scribe


Morgan S. said...

I loathe the red light of death. I HATE the vm system at my work. You are forced to listen to the ENTIRE message before you can delete it - if you don't you cannot erase the message and end the red light of doom. Also, I am sitting at my desk for hours and the phone never rings...and yet, messages appear!!!

bluzdude said...

Perhaps the Red Light appears first, and "summons" the message.

Ed said...

Same thing happens here.

I suggest taking shorter breaks. Try limiting them to an hour.

That should do it.

Southern (in)Sanity said...

Where I work, you can actually send a message without calling. Perhaps your system does that and people leave messages intentionally?