Monday, November 22, 2010

Manic Monday #43

The best conversations you can have with your coworkers aren't work related. For example - today a coworker and I had a conversation about who caused more problems in the world - vampires or werewolves. Huh?

Woke up to a balmy 65 degree day, which was highly unusual for this late in November in Chicago.  Of course, that probably the reason my mom called me with sirens blaring in the background to inform me that she was watching a tornado about a mile or so from her house.  What makes this even more bizarre?  Last night I had a dream that my dad and I were in a tornado and to save ourselves we chained ourselves to a fence and it worked.  Did I mention "Twister" is one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies?

The most dangerous website in the world is the Oriental Trading Company.  

I am afraid the seasonal plague is starting at work as it seems everyone is in search of tissues.  Now is the time of year where I want to become the Girl in the Plastic Cubicle.

You know what happens when the office is closed on a Friday?  Yeah, that's right.  We get casual Wednesday instead!

~ The Office Scribe


Unfinished Rambler said...

So who causes more problems in your fine estimation? That is the real question I want answered.

Personally, I'd go for werewolves, just because vampires now can be seen everywhere. Werewolves are the ugly stepchild and are the unseen and unheard-of threat.

The Office Scribe said...

I defended the werewolves because the joke between my coworker and I is that I am a werewolf because I am always warm and he is a vampire because he is always cold.