Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad Karma - or - Bad Ass?

Legend has it, there will come a time when those in need of a hero shall cry out, and one shall appear.  This hero, armed with weapons, shall be fearless and protect those who cannot defend themselves. The here will vanquish all that is evil and the masses shall rejoice.

That time was today...

Or maybe I just heard some co-workers talking about how there was a spider in the printer and my inner Girl Scout came out.  I strolled up to the printer, scared the 8 legged fiend out of hiding and sent him to meet his maker.

People were glad I killed it and the day got back to normal.

Until someone said how you never kill a spider because it is bad luck.

In my efforts to protect those I work with, did I just screw myself over in the karma department?

~The Office Scribe


Ed said...

Fuck spiders.

And karma.

Holly said...

Give me the source of that thought about killing spiders.
Cause I don't believe it.

I think it's bad luck to kill a lady bug.