Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guitar Hero For Yoga

I am not a fan of working out.  I used to run, but ever since I blew out my knee on a trampoline when I was 18, I can't do that anymore.  And I can't fit my elliptical in my apartment so it sits, collecting dust in my moms basement.  So aside from walking around my neighborhood the most physical I get is doing lawn work (see my post from last Tuesday) and doing yoga.

I am not a conventional yoga person.  I don't have cute outfits and I can't name the postures.  I wear sweats and I made a damn good attempt to mimic the positions the overly calm woman on TV does.  And it works.

But what kills me is the music.  Or lack thereof.

For instance, work is kinda hellish right now.  Why?  People are all going on vacations and work related trips (more on that tomorrow) and when I come home, I need to unwind.  And since I still haven't built up my tolerance to alcohol (thanks Lent!) I am staying away from the hooch.

So that leaves two things which calm me down - yoga and classic rock.

There is a niche out there for anyone looking to fill it (get your mind out of the gutters you pervs).

Seriously, I have made my own Classic Rock playlist which I play over my muted yoga routine and it is so much more relaxing than listening to wind chimes or coyotes howling in desert canyons.

For those of you who need a way to decompress after a long work day, here is my Yoga Classic Rock* playlist if you want to join in:

1) Dream On - Aerosmith
2) The Saints Are Coming - The Skids
3) Run Through The Jungle - Creedence Clearwater Revival
4) Slowride - Foghat
5) Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
6) Pinball Wizard - The Who
7) Joy to the World  - Three Dog Night (first concert I ever went to.  I was 7 and with my grandparents)
8) Hotel California - The Eagles
9) One Is The Loneliest Number - Three Dog Night (What?  I like them!)

Does anyone have suggestions?  I am always looking for ways to improve my routine.

~ The Office Scribe

* I know I am a little loose with my def of "Classic Rock" but old is old to me.


Ed said...

GEEZ...that soundtrack is more for sleeping or fucking.

But it definitely ain't for working out too.

The Office Scribe said...

It's not like I am running - I am doing yoga, which is also more for sleeping or fucking.

Nine Mile said...

~ROFL~ Is Yoga more like sleeping or fucking? I've been doing a Reggae/Samba dance DVD, but there's no real music, just drums, so it feels more like an African Tribal Dance. I need to find some music that matches the rhythm... or, better yet, now that I'm knocked up again, figure out some way to slow the whole thing down to a nice Bob Marley rhythm. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I feel you.

A Vapid Blonde said...

All this talk of sleeping and fucking and yoga...I am feeling all realaxed now.

Coopah1 said...

You might want to try out some Little Feat--the albums that Lowell George (died in '79) had something to do with were the best. He was really the driving force behind the band.....died in '79.
How about some Joe Cocker or Marvin Gaye? Can't say how they are for sleeping, but I can vouch for the fucking and relaxing part. One of my moldy faves is the sound-track from "The Big Chill--a pretty good variety of "classic" rock.
Have fun! ;]

Coopah1 said...

Did I mention that Lowell George died in '79? --meh--sorry 'bout that...

The Office Scribe said...

Why did my post about yoga turn into a comment party about sex?

Pat said...

Well, the only thing that this post accomplished is made me horny. Gee, thanks for that! Oh, yeah, and brought back my high school days! Wait, that sounds like I was a ho or something. Absolutely NOT TRUE!