Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swing Away

In order to get to know my co-workers better and to be a true “team player” I decided to join the co-ed 16 inch softball team. I figured it would be fun. I played softball when I was a kid and am pretty athletic, so I thought “what the hell”. And even though our team sucks we have a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the weather in Chicago during this time of the year is not always conducive to playing sports. Mainly, rain and lighting do not make me want to spring into the middle of a treeless field and start swinging away. So sadly a few of our games have been cancelled due to rainouts. This was the case last Tuesday and it might be the case today.

Which is really sad because I really need to hit something with a bat.

I know it is only Tuesday but this has been one rough week. M is out of the office so I am covering all her files, which seem to be imploding and exploding on a daily basis. I bet on a normal day I get three phone calls (and two of those are from my mom). Today I got 17 phone calls and about 30 e-mails. One lady actually yelled at me on the phone and said she questioned my judgment by working for such a stupid company.

So like I said, I really have to hit something with a bat.

I figure that will be the only way to relieve the tension knot I have between my shoulder blades because Motrin and Limited Edition Indiana Jones Snickers Minis (which are the bomb and have coconut in them!) are not doing the job.

So please everyone. Do you anti rain dance.

Because I need to hit something with a bat today.

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