Friday, February 1, 2008

So The Weatherman Got Something Right

For those of you who don’t reside in the greater Chicagoland area, I would like to enlighten you to the fact that we are getting some snow. And by some snow I mean it has been falling for about 27 hours now and there was eight inches piled on top of my car this morning. All the news stations were proclaiming how horrible the commutes were going to be. How if you could, you should stay home. To call their special 1-800 numbers to find out what schools are closed. And for all this I want to say:

Thank you.

If it weren’t for the fear inducing rhetoric of the news people my commute wouldn’t have been so easy this morning. On a normal, dry pavement, balmy blue skied May day it generally takes me 45 minutes to get to work on time if I start at 8:30.

On this roads not really plowed, cold, grey 8-12 inches of snow January day, it took me 49 minutes.

The roads were nearly empty. I never really stopped at a light. It was wonderful. I called my mom to say I had made it to work safely and she was like “What, already? How fast were you driving?” (You’ve got to love moms. They can always find something wrong with what you’ve done.)

So to all those people who stayed off the roads today, I thank you. And while you do get to chill at home today I will be at work, making sure I can use my vacations days when I want to and not when the weather gods say so.

The Office Scribe

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