Monday, July 11, 2011

Manic Monday - The Midwest Hurricane Edition

You know what works better than an alarm clock?  A call from your mom who says the apocalypse is happening and headed your way.  No matter how tired you are it makes you jump out of bed to move your plastic lawn furniture into a more secure location on your porch.

I guess the weather gods didn't like the route I take to work in the mornings since they blew a tree down on a bunch of power lines right in the middle of the road.  Personally I thought I could have made it - ComEd and the local police thought otherwise.

Normally I like to be able to participate in a conversation with my coworkers, but when the topic is about how they had to shower in the dark because they didn't have power, I kept my mouth shut. (Since I not only had power when I woke up but I was listening to the radio, watching the weather channel and tweeting about it).

Lots of people have been talking about how weird the weather is this summer - and I feel like we have this discussion every year.  The weather isn't weird, you just have bad memories.

We were reminded at work that if the bad weather sirens go off we need to report to our specific locations for a head count.  Too bad I didn't click on the link to tell me where I belonged.  If someone out there can't find me, you should all just assume I am under my desk.  That's where the mini fridge is after all...

~ The Office Scribe

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Ed said...

All that shit went WAY north of us. We barely got a drop.

Still just hot and muggy here.